Bow tie product size:

Medium 11 cm long 6.5 cm width

Large 14 cm long 8 cm width
Material: high quality 100% cotton 


I am pretty sure, everyone once, dreamt of being alice. wondering in wonderland, there is so much fun stuffs to discover and do. 

would you prefer having a tea party with the mad hatter ? having a croquet game with the queen of hearts ? or chasing the cheshire cat and white rabbit ? Bring a bit of magic to your every day life with this funky collection.


You have different attachments to choose from which make this vintage bow tie very versatile to wear!

* A crocodile clip to clip it wherever you want, it could be in your hair, in your pup fur, on a coat, handbag, possibilities are endless !

* a nylon heaband to wear in your hair, on your pup's neck, or on her head.

* an elastic to wear around your beloved pup collar

* a hair bauble to pimp a simple ponytail into a stylish hairstyle !


  • Pattern placement may vary slightly due to cut of the fabric.
  • Sizes may also vary slightly as the item is handmade with care and love.
  • hand wash only.

alice bow tie