Bow tie product size:

Medium 11 cm long 6.5 cm width

Large 14 cm long 8 cm width
Material: 100% cotton 


did you know that the denim was originated as a contraction of the French phrase serge de Nîmes ? Yes, the denim was invented in france, so of course The Knotty frenchies had to bring you not one but two collections of denim !

denim is a timeless classic, that everyone must have in their wardrobe, now also available for your pup to match with you.

Mini hair knot are great, it just adds a fancy little touch but remains classy. It's a perfect subtle touch to match your child/ pup.

as the weather is getting warmer, this collection is made out of light cotton denim fabric, very soft to the skin.


You have different attachments to choose from which make this  bow tie very versatile to wear!

* A crocodile clip to clip it wherever you want, it could be in your hair, in your pup fur, on a coat, handbag, possibilities are endless !

* a nylon heaband to wear in your hair, on your pup's neck, or on her head.

* an elastic to wear around your beloved pup collar

* a hair bauble to pimp a simple ponytail into a stylish hairstyle !


  • Pattern placement may vary slightly due to cut of the fabric.
  • Sizes may also vary slightly as the item is handmade with care and love.
  • hand wash only.

light blue denim de nîmes bow tie