Material: 100% cotton


Have you ever heard of the Tour de France ? It's a well known road cyclist race that takes place every year where about? I let you guess.... All around France !

Louison Bobet was a French rider and the first one to win the Tour de France in three successive years, from 1953 to 1955, so it makes sense to name this collection after him. Also on a more personal note, my middle son is called Louison, and he also is a bicycle fanatic ! Coincidence ? I wouldn't be able to tell !

Anyway ! Road cyclist race might not be your thing, you're maybe more a casual bike rider to fetch the bread and the fresh croissants in the morning to the bakery and put them in your bike's basket. And just like that, I've taken you to Paris. that's what you might feel when you wear the Louison collection, only one way to find out !


You have different attachments to choose from which make this sailor bow very versatile to wear!

* A crocodile clip to clip it wherever you want, it could be in your hair, in your pup fur, on a coat, handbag, possibilities are endless !

* a nylon heaband to wear in your hair, on your pup's neck, or on her head.

* an elastic to wear around your beloved pup collar

* a hair bobble to pimp a simple ponytail into a stylish hairstyle !


  • Pattern placement may vary slightly due to cut of the fabric.
  • Sizes may also vary slightly as the item is handmade with care and love because you/ your child / your pup deserve the best.
  • hand wash only.

Louison Sailor Bow

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